Bring the magic of drone shows to your resort.
Make your guests' stay unforgettable
with drone light entertainment programs
Bring the magic of drone shows to your resort.
4 reasons to launch drone shows
Crowds under control
Visible from afar, drone shows help overcome pandemic crowd restrictions.
Integrate with lighting controls
Integrate with professional light consoles to coordinate drones with the stage lights and enrich a standard animation.
Show anywhere
Launch the drones from the beach or by the pool, and get more freedom in where the event happens.
Predictable business outcomes

The same fleet is exploited in many shows during the tourism high season. Invest once with predictable business outcomes.

Drone Show Software by SPH Engineering supports hotels and resorts in expanding their entertainment and animation programs with drone light shows.
Drones with options
Make a stand-alone drone show performance, or integrate with a diversified entertainment program.

Integrated show programs

Drones are a great addition to a stage show, laser projection and other entertainment programs.

Drone light show
Fly a stand-alone drone light show in areas, restricted for firework displays.

Why work with us?
Drone Show Software by SPH Engineering is the first commercially available software to manage drone swarm flights equipped with lights, fireworks, smoke generators, or other payloads.

We provide you with a full package - software, drones, choreography, and training - to create and fly the very first drone show as fast as just a month.
Integration options
Drone Show Software supports manual integration (by setting an exact start time of the dance) and timecode machine (SMPTE standard) and can be integrated with professional light controllers.
Customise to different scenarios and fine-tune right on site
With the Drone Show Software, you have full control of the process and the ability to customise the show. Adjust the flight altitude and position, change the direction which the show faces, and orchestrate drone chow animation from scratch.
Safety is priority #1
We help our clients deliver safe solutions and provide them with the extra layers of safety.
  • Dual geofence to intercept and deactivate damaged UAV.
  • Ground control station redundancy with Red Button.
  • Distance checking in preflight animations and live show.
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