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Online course - Setup and manage drone shows with Drone Show Software

Apply for the online 2-days technical training to learn the lifecycle of managing a drone show with Drone Show Software (DSS):

  • setup and manage a drone show
  • check drone swarm flight safety of the planned drone dance
  • demonstrate simulations of planned drone show choreography to decision-makers.
Who will benefit the mostThe training is designed for companies who wish to add drone shows to their product portfolio.Drone Service Providers
Firework Companies
Event Organizers & Venue Providers

1-day on-site practical training for free
Once our world will be safe again and the borders will be open, the trainees will be welcomed to participate a 1-day on-site practical training to set up, test and run a drone show (5 minutes show with at least 20 drones provided by SPH), under the supervision of SPH’s drone show engineers. This bonus 1-day training is organized at SPH Engineering's drone airfield in Riga, Latvia (EU).

Get more detailed information about the online training and Drone Show Software by contacting Mr. Eriks Pastars, DroneShowSoftware Sales Manager, Ph: +371 26337767, e-mail:
*Offer valid: if training booked till 1st May 2020