Drone show industry and opportunities open up where the sky is the only limit
11 November, 2021 | 16:00 (CET, GMT+1) | FREE
If you are eager to know about new entertainment elements which are hidden within progressive emerging drone show industry, join the conversation with the drone show experts, entertainment and media industry professionals.
The Drone Show Industry
The drone show industry creates amazing opportunities for drone enthusiasts, animators, designers, entrepreneurs and investors.
Projects like the 2nd International Drone Show Competition initiated by SPH Engineering help to bring together the best representatives, their shows, animations, and business approaches to exchange knowledge about breakthrough sustainable technologies for outdoor light events.
Topics for discussion 
What does the drone show industry consist of, what kind of specialists are involved there?
What has the entertainment industry gained with drone shows, what new opportunities have opened up for the largest agencies and creative companies?
How can a 3D animator-beginner become a specialist in drone show choreography demanded in the international market?
The most incredible collaborations of 2021, in which drone shows took a key place.
The 2nd International Drone Show Competition - opportunity for everyone.
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Helen Pukszta & Steve Akins
Co-founders / USA
Drone Arrival

Helen and Steve are Co-Founders of Drone Arrival, a US-based distributor of a wide range of drone-based solutions, including UAVs and software for drone shows. They have seen the awe and amazement that choreographed drone light shows bring and believe that drone shows are where technological innovation meets creativity, and where our imagination - not the sky - is the limit.
Isabel Caballero Fernandez
2020 Competition's 2nd place winner, Drone show designer / Mexico
SkyLab Entertainment

"I have been working in the drone show industry for almost 2 years here in Mexico. I create designs and also know how to fly a drone show. My designs are made in Blender software."
Eriks Pastars
DroneShowSoftware Sales Manager / Latvia
SPH Engineering, Ltd

"Drone shows - something new and beautiful every day! We in SPH Engineering create new "keys" to make the industry sustainable and more fascinating together with Drone Show Software providers around the world."
Robert Lednor
Drone show operator / Australia
Global Unmanned Systems

Robert is a geologist who turned drone consultant and then drone show operator.
Drone Show Software supports customers in 45+ countries, allowing for a total of 6'000+ drones to be displayed together simultaneously in the night sky.