Enrich your portfolio with drone light shows and expand your business.
Drones are the New Generation Fireworks
Enrich your portfolio and future-proof your business with drone light shows.
Drone Show Software unlocks capabilities to integrate drone light displays with fireworks and supports firework providers in expanding their portfolios with a new product line of Drone Shows.
Four reasons to have drone shows in portfolio 
  • Predictable business outcomes
    Drones are reusable: invested once, the same fleet is exploited in many shows. The new business can start to pay off after six shows.
  • Sponsor recognition

    Acknowledge your partners and sponsors with their logo blazing in the sky and do brand awareness projects.

  • New markets

    Access to new market segments with an ability to contribute to marketing campaigns and bid on larger entertainment projects.

  • Fresh experiences

    Bring new experience to your customers and add a WOW thing to your shows.

Standalone shows and shows with pyro effects
Integrate with pyro show and other program or make a stand-alone drone show performance. Check it out!

Pyro drone shows

Drones are a great addition to firework shows. When combined and synchronized, drones improve the rhythm of the show and enhance it with advanced choreography elements.

Drone light show
Fly a stand-alone drone light show as a safer alternative to fireworks and in areas, restricted for firework displays.

How to start
We provide you with a full package - software, drones, choreography, and training - to create and fly a mind-blowing drone show in just a month.
Form a team of drone pilots and engineers
Purchase a Drone Show Software package
Complete a training
(on site/online/hybrid)
Get the fleet delivered and fly the 1st show
Why work with us?
Drone Show Software by SPH Engineering is the first commercially available software to manage drone swarm flights equipped with lights, fireworks, smoke generators, or other payloads.

We provide you with software, all tools and knowledge to create and fly a mind-blowing drone show in just a month.
Compatibility with FireOne timecode machine
The timecode with music is started from one controlling computer and passed over to all the receiving hardware - fireworks control panel and drone show controlling computer. Once the timecode is started, the show is initialised and all components wait for the starting command.
Customise to different scenarios and fine-tune right on site
With the Drone Show Software, you have full control of the process and the ability to customise the show. Adjust the flight altitude and position, change the direction which the show faces, and orchestrate drone chow animation from scratch.
Safety is priority #1
We help our clients deliver safe solutions and provide them with the extra layers of safety.
  • Dual geofence to intercept and deactivate damaged UAV.
  • Ground control station redundancy with Red Button.
  • Distance checking in preflight animations and live show.
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