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Webinar: How fireworks companies diversify business through drone shows

SPH Engineering and Sky Elements Drone Shows invite to the webinar on how to succeed in one of the most progressive industries today - the drone light show industry.

A guest speaker from one of the leading drone show companies, Preston Ward, will share the success story of Sky Elements Drone Shows (USA), how it was possible to strengthen the business by adding drone show services to the portfolio and what benefits Drone Show Software technologies brought. Recent innovations in drone show technologies will be presented by Drone Show Software team, SPH Engineering.

 👉 Join us on July 14th to learn about the drone show industry and the opportunities it opens up


➢ What is a drone show industry today,
➢ Sky Elements Drone Shows suсcess story,
➢ How fireworks companies can get started with drone shows and succeed in the market,
➢ Benefits of adding a drone show to the business portfolio,
➢ Drone show technology and steps to start.


▣ Preston Ward, Sky Elements, chief pilot and general counsel for Sky Elements Drone Shows (USA)
▣ Alex Levandovskiy, head of the Drone Show Software division at SPH Engineering
▣ Artūrs Kālis, SPH Engineering lead engineer and trainer

❗️The webinar is free of charge and requires registration. The webinar will be recorded - please register to get the link to the video recording!

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Time and date:
July 14th 2022, 18:00 Riga, Latvia (EET = GMT+3)
8 AM Los Angeles, CA, USA (PST = GMT-7)
10:00 Mexico City, Mexico (CST = GMT-5)
11:00 Toronto, Canada (EST = GMT-4)
11 AM New York, NY, USA (EST = GMT-4)
17:00 Berlin, Germany (CET = GMT+2)
18:00 Riga, Latvia (EET = GMT+3)
19:00 Dubai, UAE (GMT+4)
23:00 Beijing, China (CST = GMT+8)
00:00 Tokyo, Japan (JST = GMT+9)