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Drone Show Software technologies by SPH Engineering used to setup Super Bowl's 2022 drone show program

Pixis produced several 500 drone shows as part of Super Bowl LVI weekend.

A series of drone shows were held as part of the entertainment program of Super Bowl 2022 - one of the most spectacular and popular events in the United States. Pixis Drones team (USA) together with the Drone Show Software team carried out professional preparatory work in order to delight the audience.

The mesmerizing drone shows which were visible all over Los Angeles once again prove that the drone show today is an integral part of any major event and an excellent addition to the entertainment program of world-famous happenings bringing the biggest events in the world to the next level. The process of launching the show itself was unique, from the fact that there were three shows in a day, to the fact that a fleet of drones took off from the roof of the well-known Los Angeles Convention Center.

During several days eight 10-minutes drone shows graced the sky of downtown L.A. About 500 drones formed outlines of the Lombardi trophy, the NFL shield and logos of the Rams and Bengals. The drone show became one of the events for locals and tourists ahead of Sunday's game between the Rams and Cincinnati Bengals at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood.

Social networks "exploded" with rave reviews from those who managed to see the drone show live! Pixis Drones team (USA), which became the main organizer of the drone show at the Super Bowl 2022, using Drone Show Software to manage flights, has over 30 years of global event and entertainment experience. Pixis blends innovative storytelling with entertainment to create branded aerial art displays which captivate audiences. Utilizing advanced technologies such as AR and light drone shows Pixis has the potential to offer fully immersive experiences that will change how people view entertainment.

"The Super Bowl LVI show took six months of planning. From the inception it was important that the story narrative brought out the NFL brand heritage and tied back to the Los Angeles location. We wanted to deliver the best fan experience while magnifying the brand as a technological pioneer. We feel both exhilarated and humbled that it met all these parameters, the fan reaction itself was amazing. Pixis is an industry leader. Without giving too much away we have several initiatives on both a technical and content basis on a global level that will change the industry. Look out for the Pixis name in the coming days and months!"
Martin Codd, COO (Pixis) comments.

Gila River Resorts & Casinos Designation Celebration by Pixis Drones

Design and animation of the show was created by BaseMotion, one of the most experienced drone show design studios in the field with close to 100 completed shows.
 "This was one of our most challenging project yet. We had to develop several new animation techniques that allowed us to tell story that we wanted and help us manage such large drone fleet” explains Armands Blumbergs, executive producer of BaseMotion.

The Super Bowl's drone show wasn't the first time when drones as flying pixels brought completely new unusual emotions to the audience, leaving them in complete admiration! Drone shows were used as part of the Olympic Games, often drone shows become an important part of national and city holiday celebrations, and the tourism industry has long been "going hand in hand" with drone shows with only one goal - to bring people unforgettable emotions!

"Drone Show Software technology allows to lift huge fleets into the sky and display incredible choreography to meet the request of customers, as proven with Pixis delivered show for Super Bowl 2022. We see that the drone show trend has proven itself in 2020-2021 and is just gaining momentum. Drone Show Software users create incredible shows already in more than 55 countries of the world. There is only more to come! Our task is to improve the technology and upgrade it with new features, which is what we do on a systematic basis", 
Alexander Levandovskiy, Head of the Drone Show Software division (SPH Engineering) comments.

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