Drone Show Software

Drone Show Software currently is the only commercially available software for drone swarm flight path management and payload control. It features 2D and 3D views, ability to run shows in simulations, a plugin to transform 3D animations into drone flight paths,detailed telemetry overview, and so much more.
Drone shows can be performed as manually managed stand-alone performances or fully integrated into other complicated shows managed by timecode
Outdoor shows
Fountain performances
Laser shows
Integration options
  • by setting an exact start time of the dance
Timecode machine
  • Using a timecode machine (SMPTE standart)
Choreography options

Ways of creating drone dance choreography
Make use of ready-to-go samples for a quick start
Drone Show Software comes with a package of ready-to-use choreography for events such as engagement proposals, weddings, birthday parties, national holidays and even a surprise show for outdoor events
Make use of ready-to-go samples for a quick start
Drone Show Software comes with a package of ready-to-use choreography for events such as engagement proposals, weddings, birthday parties, national holidays and even a surprise show for outdoor events
Create drone choreagraphy yourself
Choreographed drone flight positions and RGB LED light effects for drone shows are created using dedicated animation software.
Currently we support:
  • Blender
  • Cinema 4D
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Autodesk 3ds Max
Order from experienced animators
Share your ideas with an experienced animator and get a tailor-made professional drone dance choreography for your event
Drone Show Software features an in-built simulator that enables demonstration of the planned show choreography to investors, event directors and key decision-makers.
Safety first

Our goal is to deliver safe solutions and high quality services. Technical and software enhancements like built in distance checking tool for animations adds the extra layer of safety
Preflight checks
Time‐synchronization between drones
Mandatory use of RTK GPS systems
Redundant communication links
Encrypted radio channels
Double geofence system
CAA Approved
SPH Engineering holds the CAA permit to perform swarm flights - drone shows - in Latvia. We share the complete documentation with our customers to apply for the permit in Europe according to EU Regulation 2019/947 and JARUS SORA risk assessment process.
required hardware
Hardware Components
RTK GPS Base station
Main laptop (Windows 10)
Secondary laptop (Windows 10)
5 GHz Wi‐Fi Network
Radio control (RC) transmitter
main actors
The Drones

Ordering DSS‐ready drones from authorised manufacturers
Flyfire s.r.l.
Main benefits:
- Smart battery
- Dedicated drone management controller
- Small (190-by-190 mm) and lightweight (270 grams)
- Feature for remote switch-on/off
- Fully compatible with Drone Show Software
- Compact carry case for 10 drones
- 25 minute flight time
- The world's first commercially available drone for drone shows
- Brilliantly bright LEDs
- Integrated RTK GNSS and redundant communication ensures accurate positioning and the ability to overcome interference
Sparkl® (Belgium)
The drone that lights up your drone show!

- Rainproof and can withstand high wind speeds
- 550 Lumen 16 million color LED's
- Made in Belgium
For drone manufacturers
If you wish to become a manufacturer of show drones - get in touch with us! Currently Drone Show Software supports drones with Pixhawk-based autopilots.
How to make a drone show
The process of how to set-up a drone performance with Drone Show Software
Frequently asked questions
How is the LED light controlled?
Drone LED color values are added within the animation file and then uploaded to drones together with relative coordinates.
Can Drone Show Software control anything other than LEDs?
Yes! Drones can be equipped with other show elements such as fireworks and triggered via auxiliary channels.
What is the typical length of a show?
Under normal conditions you can expect to perform a show of about 10 to 15 minutes. It does depend on battery capacity, wind speed, animation flight speed as well as temperature.
How many drones does Drone Show Software support?
Drone Show Software licenses start from 20 drones with increments of 20. Up to 500 and more drones can be controlled with DSS.
What software can be used to create animations?
We recommend using Blender animation software, with our special plugin for checking collisions. But other animation software can be used as well, including Maya, Cinema4D and 3Ds Max.
What permissions are required to fly a drone show?
It does depend from country to country. If necessary we can help you during the process of filling out applications for your local aviation authority.
Do you offer a complete solution or only the software?
We provide the software solution and connect you to drone hardware providers who are familiar with our software. If necessary, we can also consult you on what hardware to choose.
What flight controller is compatible with Drone Show Software?
Drones with Pixhawk-based flight controllers are supported.
What other hardware is necessary other than a laptop and drones?
Firstly, while it is possible to launch a show from one laptop, it is recommended to use two. You will also need a 5 GHz Wi-Fi router (or multiple depending on number of drones used) and an RTK base station. You will also need a few telemetry radios to establish communication between the laptop and the RTK base station as well as one radio to broadcast RTK GPS corrections and emergency commands to drones over secondary channel.
Can RGB lights be synchronized to music?
Yes! When creating the animation, it can be made to synchronize movements to a sound track. Then, when drones are up in the sky and the animation starts, simply start playing the sound track along with it.
What is the maximum wind speed in which drone shows can be made?
The answer to this depends on the type of drones used. But in general, average wind speed should not exceed 6 m/s.
What is the flight distance of the show?
This depends on three factors - drone battery capacity, secondary channel range and Wi-Fi range. Wi-Fi range can be expanded by adding more access points across the flight area.
Is Drone Show Software for PC only or for Mac as well?
Drone Show Software requires PC with Windows 10 (64 bit) or Mac with Windows 10 (64 bit) installed on Bootcamp to run.
Can you provide a show as a service?
We are a software development company. Our customers who purchase and use our software are show providers. If you are interested in a show being performed somewhere, contact us and we can try to put you in touch with one of our show providers near you.
Do you also provide training on how to do animations?
We provide training on how to work with our Drone Show Software. Regarding animation creation - we can either put you in touch with one of our partners who are creating animations for us and our customers or we can provide training materials for you to learn working with animation software independently.
How many people can attend the training?
A training session is for up to minimum 3 specialists.
1 IT/networking, 1 certified drone pilot, 1 drone technician
What happens if a drone hits the geofence?
If a drone hits normal geofence, it will enter a failsafe state and return to launch position. If a drone hits the hard fence, it will disarm the motors and fall down to prevent it from flying away.
Does your software work with DJI drones?
While our mission planning software UgCS works with DJI drones, they cannot be used for drone shows. Drone Show Software only supports drones with Pixhawk-based autopilots.
Does the operator have to schedule the start of the show or can it be started manually?
Yes, the show can be started manually as well. There are three ways to set the start tiem of the show - using a time offset (e.g. 90 seconds after setting the starting time), by defining the start time explicitly (scheduled) or according to timecode.